Understanding type of questions in SPHR/PHR Certification exam
  • Type: SPHR/PHR certification exams consist of 225 multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 4 hours. These questions are randomly generated from a question database which has several hundred questions. There is no negative marking.
  • Out of 225 questions answered, 25 are dummy questions which do not count for scoring. Please note that dummy questions are selected randomly by the computer and are not known to the candidate. Effectively, candidates have to answer all the 225 questions to the best of their ability.
  • To pass the SPHR/PHR exam, the candidate will have to score 500 marks out of 700 (i.e. Pass percentage is 71.4).

Sample Questions: Take HRCIstudy.com free 225 questions simulated practice test to get a feel of the actual SPHR/PHR exam format

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