Following the Training Model training model adopts scientific methodology developed to assist you to qualify for SPHR/PHR certification.

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  • Our training model emphasizes:
    • Expertise on all knowledge areas prescribed by HRCI: We have designed our training model to ensure that our participants fully understand one knowledge area before moving to the next.
    • Taking periodical tests: Periodical tests (including chapter tests for each knowledge area) get the participants in a test taking mode, and also test their understanding of the specific knowledge areas.
    • Full length simulated practice tests: These tests should be taken only after the candidate has studied all the relevant knowledge areas, and a few days before the actual SPHR/PHR certification exam. The full length test offers candidates a feel of the actual examination environment, and also familiarizes them with the required test taking skills.
  • For more information about HRCI, PHR and SPHR Certifications, please visit the Official Website of HRCI