Managing Time to Study for the Exam
  1. How many hours should I spend for exam preparation?
    Everyone has their own method of preparation. The time spent for the same will vary depending on their ability to comprehend the subject matter. We estimate that around 40-80 hours of study from, in addition to the time required for studying relevant books, should be enough.
  2. How many hours should I study in a day?
    There is no hard and fast rule for this. It all depends on the individual's method of preparation. Study the way in which you find it convenient - the benefit of taking an online course is that you have the luxury of studying at your own pace.
  3. How do I know that I am well prepared for the exam?
    After studying all the knowledge areas, we recommend that you take the simulated practice tests Simulated Practice Tests.
    If you score more than 85% (i.e. 170 out of 225 questions) correct in all the tests, then you should deem yourself ready to take the SPHR/PHR certification exam. Please refer: Understanding SPHR/PHR Exam format

For more information about HRCI, PHR and SPHR certifications, please visit the official website of HRCI the Official Website of HRCI